Membery is a complex software solution for various types of organisations supporting the management, processes and communication with members.

Membery offers a lot. It can fit most of member-based organisations. But in case we miss something, let us know and we can taylor our solution for your needs. Core functionalities are:

  • Membership Management
  • Extensive Evidence
  • Processes & Workflows
  • Payments, Fees & Finance
  • Events & Calendar
  • Notifications
  • Website with Custom Design
  • Permissions Management & Security
  • Modern and responsive design

Membery suits well to membership organizations that involve connecting members together around a particular profession, industry, activity, interest, geographical location such as:

  • Associations
  • Clubs
  • Agencies
  • Organisations
  • Political parties
  • Charities

Membery helps you to manage everyday agenda of your organisation in a nice and intuitive way

  • No more hassle with messy excel spreadsheets, paper documents, emails and old fashioned communication
  • Increase engagement, visibility & brand awareness
  • Scalable solution that grows alongside you
  • Communication with member-base and public made easy
  • Bring new monetisation opportunities with your partners & sponsors


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